Coronavirus (COVID-19) Travel Information
We are resuming our flights with new precautions and standards. Please review our page for updated information on flights,
transactions regarding suspended flights, and our safety and health protocols.
Important Information
Last update: 15.09.2020
Before you travel during the pandemic, you might have questions regarding the in-flight hygiene applications, catering service, baggage rules and more. Please click here for frequently asked questions
Flight restrictions applied by countries

Please visit our 
Country-specific entry restrictions page to review the entry requirements for Turkey, Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus and other countries.
We advise you to review the travel restrictions applied by countries you are planning to travel to. Please review the 
travel news page provided by IATA for details. Please check the country-specific entry requirements of the country you are planning to travel to and review the passport, visa and health travel document requirements page.
HES code application

In accordance with the decision taken by the Ministry of Health, all Turkish citizens and people whose TR ID No start with 97, 98 or 99 planning to fly on domestic flights are required to obtain the HES code. Please click here for detailed information.
Are Turkish citizens over 65 years of age permitted on flights during the pandemic?

In accordance with the notice published by the Ministry of Internal Affairs, a Travel Permit Document is not required for passengers 65 and older arriving from abroad and traveling abroad (domestic flights excluded). Travel Permit Document is required for passengers 65 and older for domestic flights (including connecting flights). To obtain a Travel Permit, you can contact your district governorship, call 199 or can apply via the e-Government portal.
We're returning to the skies!

We're returning to the skies with upgraded health, hygiene and social distancing measures to ensure that you enjoy a safe and healthy flight!

Review our current flight plan>>
Enjoy flexible travel opportunities

As the world returns to normal, you can safely plan new trips with your flexible travel rights. You are always prepared for changes in your plans with our zero-change fee and change-to-open ticket rights.

Explore flexible travels>>
Enjoy healthy and safe flying
Adittional health measures have been instituted at all stages of your new flights.
Discover our new applications, designed to enable you to travel safely.
Safe Flight Standards

In addition to our current standards for
healthy flights, we have implemented new
hygiene measures. You can find out
more here.

Health guidance

You can review our health guidance to protect your health and complete your travel safely,
from start to finish.

Useful links

You can access useful links for more
 information on the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

Breathe safely wih HEPA filters

HEPA (High-Efficiency Particulate Air) filters in our aircraft uses a special filtration system that can remove 99.97% of all particles whose diameter is up to 0.3 microns in the air. HEPA filters ensure a clean and safe air inside the cabin.
Meet our hygiene experts

Hygiene Expert cabin crews are appointed in our flights,
in charge of  hygiene kit dostribution and enforcement of all on-board hygiene measures.
Your travel insurance is always with you

Enjoy a full protection during your travel, and fly safely with even greater peace of mind. You are safe with Tourist Protection and Support Insurance. Explore the details now.

Tourist Protection and Support Insurance
Complete your travel transactions easily
You can review flight disruptions caused by the pandemic and changes in your itinerary, along with transactions for your
new travels and additional opportunities and offers.
If your flight is cancelled   Read more>>
You can change your ticket to a new flight or change it to an open ticket. You can also review return offers that add value to your ticket.

     • If you have not yet scheduled your trip, you can benefit from the change-to-open ticket right for flights operating until December 31, 2021 in the same class fare and without paying any additional fees
     • If you have scheduled your new trip, you can change your ticket for a flight operating until December 31, 2021, and travel without being affected by the high volume of requests and fare changes.
     • If you want to add value to the price of your purchased ticket, you can obtain a refund in Miles. In accordance with your request, 1,000 Miles will be transferred to your Miles&Smiles account for every 10 Euros of your ticket’s value.
     • You can exchange your ticket with a voucher and gain 15% more value, and use the voucher for a future trip.

Please review our 
Return requests page for more details.
If you are planning to change your flight   Read more>>
We offer you the opportunity to reschedule your non-suspended flights.

Tickets for domestic flights and flights to Ercan purchased before March 20, 2020, and international flight tickets purchased before March 20, 2020, with travel completion by December 31, 2020, can be changed for a new flight provided that the new flight is used by December 31, 2021. Alternatively, these tickets can be changed to open tickets. Please review our 
Zero Change Fee and Change to Open Ticket page for more information.
If you are planning a new trip   Read more>>
We know that plans can change! With the flexible change or change-to-open ticker rights, you can safely plan a new trip.

You can change domestic and international tickets purchased between March 21, 2020 and December 31, 2020 (inclusive) for another flight taking place by December 31, 2021 (inclusive), without paying a penalty. Alternatively, you can change your ticket with to an open ticket for use on another date. Please review our 
Flexible change page for more details.

Please visit our Announcements page to follow our announcements regarding changes due to the pandemic.
What you need to know when traveling with us during the normalization period
We are returning to the skies as the world reopens. In accordance with published notifications, you may have some questions, such as "What is the HES code?”, “Is the Travel Permit Document still valid?”, and “How will citizens over 65 will travel?”. For more information, you can also visit Ministry of Internal Affairs (link in Turkish) and Announcements of the Ministry of Health (link in Turkish).
How can I fly within Turkey?   Read more>>
Our domestic flights started operating on June 1, 2020. To board these flights, you must have a personal HES code. Please visit the Hayat Eve Sığar (HES) page for details.
I have a Travel Permit Document. Do I need the HES code to board the flight?   Read more>>
As of June 1, 2020, all Turkish citizens flying to domestic and international destinations with departures from Turkey should have a valid HES code.
Do I need a Travel Permit Document to board the flight?   Read more>>
As of June 1, 2020, all intercity travel restrictions have been lifted. Therefore, if you are under 65 years of age, you do not need a Travel Permit Document.
I am over 65 years old. Can I travel intercity? Can I board flights?   Read more>>
In accordance with the notice published by the Ministry of Internal Affairs on May 29, 2020, if you have a Travel Permit Document or comply with the terms set forth in the notice (link in Turkish), you can conduct intercity travel and board the flight. Please remember to obtain your HES code in addition to the required Travel Permit Document.
I am younger than 18 years old. Can I travel intercity? Can I board flights?   Read more>>
If you are younger than 18 years of age as of June 1, 2020, you can board flights if you are accompanied by a parent, first degree relative or a legal guardian. Please note that if you are between 2 – 18 years of age, you may board the flight if you you have the HES code.
Do I need to obtain a HES code for my infant?   Read more>>
You are not required to obtain a HES code for infants. Since the HES code is not required for infants, you will not see them listed in HES code entry section during the ticketing process. We would like to remind you that all passengers younger than 2 years of age are accepted as infants and any passenger over
2 years old is accepted as a child.
I am not a Turkish Citizen. How can I obtain the HES code?   Read more>>
The HES code can be obtained by Turkish citizens only and is not requested from international passengers. Any changes in this regard will be announced to our passengers on this page.

Have a good flight.
About in-flight products   Read more>>
Will there be changes to in-flight magazines, the entertainment system and passenger kits during the pandemic?

In accordance with our coronavirus-related hygiene measures, we have enhanced the in-flight entertainment system and passenger kits. Newspapers and magazines are currently not offered on flights for health reasons. Please review the FAQ below for details.

Will the in-flight entertainment system be available during flights to all destinations during the pandemic?

Yes, the in-flight entertainment system will be available for both domestic and international flights.

Are the screens and remotes of the in-flight entertainment system disinfected during the pandemic?

The screens and remotes are sanitized with special disinfectants and color-coded microfiber cloths.

Is there information about COVID-19 available on the in-flight entertainment system during the pandemic?

Informational videos about the COVID-19 pandemic, prepared in collaboration with the Ministry of Health, are available. The video content includes general information about the virus, how the virus spreads, its symptoms and what to do if these symptoms occur, virus protection methods, travel history, and how to most effectively wash hands.

Are there products for passenger hygiene on the aircraft during the pandemic?

Hygiene kits are offered to all passengers to support the personal hygiene.

Products in the hygiene set include:

 • Mask and antiseptic wipes for domestic and short- and medium-haul flights,
 • Mask, antiseptic wipes, and disinfectant products are included on long-haul flights lasting more than 8 hours.

Is there a dedicated rubbish bin on the board for disposing of masks, gloves, and other contaminated materials during the pandemic?

The bag in the front seat pocket can be used for all waste.

Are pillows and blankets available during the flight during the pandemic?

The pillow service is currently suspended for health reasons. Blankets are available on flights of more than 4 hours.

Are the textile products, such as blankets, cleaned during the pandemic?

All textile products on the aircraft are washed at professional facilities in high temperatures with allergen-free special chemicals provided by the
authorities, and packed by automatic packaging machines.
Yes, the in-flight entertainment system will be available for both domestic and international flights.

Are newspapers/magazines available on the aircraft during the pandemic? If not, is there an alternative application?

Products that are available for multiple use, including newspapers and magazines, have been temporarily removed to prevent them being contaminated by an infected person. The online Press Reader newspaper application is available.

Are headphones available on the aircraft during the pandemic?

Disposable headphones are available on all international flights.

Are there disinfectants in the aircraft lavatories during the pandemic?

All lavatories have special hand sanitizers.
About Dining on Board   Read more>>
Will there be changes to catering during the pandemic?

We have renewed onboard catering processes to ensure healthier and safer flights. Please review the FAQ below for details.

Will there be catering during the flight during the pandemic?

Water will be served on domestic flights and on international flights up to 2 hours. On international flights lasting more than 2 hours, the catering service is provided in a box/package.

Why has the catering concept changed during the pandemic?

The new catering concept has been implemented to protect the health of passengers and crews at the maximum level and to minimize contact between cabin crew and passengers.

How is the catering produced with regard to the COVID-19 process during the pandemic?

Catering is produced in hygienic kitchens in accordance with protocols and criteria published by the Ministry of Health.

Why have onboard catering services been reduced and simplified during the pandemic?

The variety of catering products has been reduced to minimize contact between cabin crew and passengers. Disposable products are currently used for health and hygiene.

Why are only cold meals served onboard during the pandemic?

To minimize contact between cabin crew and meals, and to offer a healthier journey, a cold catering service is currently in effect.

Why has the in-flight beverage service been simplified?

Among the highest contact points during the flight is the catering service, when passengers are asked for their food and beverage preferences. In this process, to minimize contact between cabin crew and passengers during the catering service, a single-pack beverage service with simplified options is currently in effect.

May I eat and drink at the same time with the passengers in the same row?

In accordance with the recommendation of the Ministry of Health Science Board, passengers sitting in the same row should not remove their masks simultaneously.

How is food served on onboard during the pandemic?

Food and beverages are served in personalized packages to passengers, with minimum contact by cabin crew.
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