Who we are

Flightdeals know how it is when you travel, you need to find the best ticket prices – the more it is on sale, the better! This is what we are here for, whenever there is a flight sale, you bet we have them. We are the only site you need to go to when you need deals from the Philippines from any major airline. No need to go to separate airline sites, flightdeals PH has all of them, when you need it, whenever you need it.
How we do it

First, we partner with the best airline in the world and get SALE only rates to hundreds of international destinations.
Next, is we provide a simple tool to help you ease the process of saving for value of money and time with this, an online portal called flightdeals.ph. Lastly, we give instant confirmation for all successful bookings and offer a team of experienced travel agents you can call or email for any support you may need before, during, and especially after you purchase your ticket. 
Why get it from us

Aside from convenience, your TRUST is paramount to us. We ensure that we equipped this online tool with a secure gateway to process your online payments and transactions.  Also, if anything happens (fingers crossed!) and there are disruptions on your trip, you can easily talk to someone via our convenient email, chat, and phone channels. 
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